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This was our Tris.  He thought he was the handsomest "kritter" around, and for sure, he was the most spoiled.  Tris crossed the Rainbow Bridge on February 25, 2000.  He developed the same type of inoperable cancer as his brother Tenny.  Visit our Rainbow Bridge 


Here is what Tris had to say for himself before he got sick:

I was born on December 20, 1989 and was adopted on February 15, 1990.  My humans had read about American Shorthairs at the International Cat Show in town (where that beautiful, sexy white Persian from the Fancy Feast commercial was visiting) and decided they would like to adopt one.  They came to the Cattery and picked me out of a litter of four.  I was too little to go home with them then, but they came back and got me when I was 6 weeks old.

I was happy they adopted my brother Tennyson at the same time, because my humans brought us home to a big house and I would have been really lonely.   Hereís a picture of me when I was little Ė notice my big ears.   Thank goodness I grew into them!

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Iím not allowed outside without a silly olí harness on and a leash attached to me (how indignant), and the other end attached to my human.   I get even thoí because I eat grass when Iím outside and what better place to dispose of it later, but the middle of the living room carpet.  My humans are not amused, but hey, I donít have time to get the litter box, and besides, we know what that is for!!

I also keep them on their toes by announcing all the birdies that come to the bird feeders and get especially verbal when those squirrels are out there.   I get really loud when the raccoons come to raid the pond.  Sometimes I just wander through the house and howl - it keeps everyone wondering what I am up to!   I never tell though.

I pretty much rule this house and the two other cats that live with us as well.  You can tell Iím important because my humans made me the CEO of their company.  I have no idea what a CEO is, but if it gets me a few extra pats on the head, Iím willing to accept the job.

Well, it is time for my nap, so mieow for now.


Tris leaves behind two very sad owners who loved him very much.  He will be missed big time.


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