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As Trissy told you, I was his brother, except that I was a beautiful Blue Burmese, not an American Shorthair like him.  Donít you think I was more handsome than him?

I was always shyer than Trissy and would wait until he made sure that it was safe before I followed him anywhere.  I was like his shadow for the longest time, but then I discovered what fun there was to be had out there.  It was even more fun when I realized that I was quicker than Trissy was and always came out looking like the innocent party while Trissy would get scolded for something Iíd done.  He didnít like that very much!  One day the humans caught me instead of Trissy and it was his turn to laugh!

Oh, Trissy and I did have fun Ė we were always chasing flies or each other, especially in the wee hours of the morning when our humans were sleeping.   That way they didnít get in our way when we were running up and down the halls.  They yelled at us a few times, but we just pretended we didnít hear them.  We were pretty good at hiding too when they came upstairs to separate us!

I was a very affectionate "kritter" and would always head-butt anyone who came close enough. At the same time, I would purr loudly and this, of course, would get me more pets and loves.  I especially liked the female human and most times would come to her when she called.  A few times I was too busy playing and didnít bother, but she never got angry.

When I was 7 I got really sick and couldnít hold any food down.  My humans took me to the vet and put me through lot of tests and thatís how they found out that I had a fast growing, inoperable stomach cancer called carcinoma.   They allowed me to cross the Rainbow Bridge on March 11, 1997.  Here are a few pictures of me and of Trissy and me. I am missed very much.  Read the story of the Rainbow Bridge at our RAINBOW BRIDGE SITE.

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