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Sylvia's Stitchin's


Hi there.  Welcome to my Stitchin' pages.  Here's a recent picture of me just so you can put a face to the work you're looking at. 


      My first love is cross-stitching and I currently have several projects on the go.   Roy says that I have a cross-stitch project in just about every room in the house--but I don't think I'm that bad!  You can check out my cross stitching by clicking on the various buttons on the side.  You can also see the projects I'm working on and hope to finish some time this year.  Usually I have the projects in a rotation and put 10 hours in on each before moving on to the next work.  Helps keep me from getting bored.

Right now I am only working on 1 Round Robin - a bell pull with 3 other ladies, one each from Canada, the US and England.  It is just in the first phase, so I don't expect to see it for at least 4 months.  

I have just recently received  back my last two Round Robins - a 9 person Christmas one and a 9 person Cat one.  The cat one has still two squares to be done as two women dropped out.  I hope to get it finished this year.  Please check it out under "Round Robins" . 

Please be sure and check back monthly to see what I've been stitching.

What is fun is that I actually got to meet 4 of the women from the UK when we were in London in May.  We had a wonderful time and I hope I can return the favour sometime in the future.  I also got to meet Bonnie from Mesa, Arizona this past January and Rhonda from Newport Beach, California when she popped up to see me in early July.  She was involved in the second RR.

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Thank you and Happy Stitching ^..^