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Whew, got away from that Quimsby cat for a while, so thought I would give you the run down on my life.

I am the cutest female Manx you have ever seen. I am white and dark gray and when I am walking away from you (which is often) I look like Iím wearing dark gray pants.  Kinda neat, donít you think?

Anyhow, I know where I came from, but I canít tell you, so Iíll start when I was adopted from the SPCA.  I went to live with this nice older lady who didnít like the mice who came to live with her in the summer.  She wanted an older cat, but it turns out that when I went to be spayed, I was really only 6 months old, so I was probably born in about August of 1995.

I had a happy life with the nice old lady, but once in a while I got into trouble.  Like the day I climbed the telephone pole - it seemed like a fun thing to do at the time, however, once I was at the top, I wasnít so keen on coming down.  It was a looonnnnnnggggg way down, so I decided to wait for someone to rescue me.  My nice old lady was very upset at this, but I was so scared that I couldnít move.  Four days later, no one had come to rescue me and I was getting pretty hungry, so I got brave and came down all by myself.  My nice old lady was really happy to see me and I never went up such a big pole again.

One day my nice old lady went away and it got pretty lonely being outside all the time. I was being fed, but it just wasnít the same without her.  One day, this female human that had come to visit the nice old lady lots of time before came and put me in that awful carrier and took me some place new.

Well, let me tell you what was at this new place - not one, but two male cats. One got brave and stuck his head close to the carrier and I almost got to scratch him.  I howled and screamed, but they just stared at me.  The female human took me downstairs and locked me in the bedroom and there I stayed for a few days.  She opened the door every night when she got home and sometimes the two cats came in and hissed at me.  I hissed right back.

The male human said I was a Manx with a BIG ATTITUDE, but honestly, what would you do if you were confronted with these two males hissing at you every move you made?  I was trying to be reasonable, but that didnít seem to work so, like all females, out came the claws.  The humans didnít like that too much, but I think I made my point.

I'm not allowed outside now so I canít climb those trees that I see in the back yard.  Itís a good thing too because theyíre even taller than the telephone pole that I had climbed.    I've been here for over two years now and was pretty friendly with that Trissy cat, but he went away one day and I haven't seen him since.  For some reason Quims doesnít like me at all.  He even follows me when I want to use the powder room!  I mean, really! How gauche!  I do my best to ignore him, but sometimes he is just plain ornery and lies in the entrance and I canít get past him.  Occasionally I chase him out of the way, but mostly, because I am a female, I just change my mind about where I want to go.   Drives him nuts!  He is fun to play with at night though, as we chase each other up and down the halls.

Iím not too sure, because Iím just a cat, but I think my nice old lady went over the Rainbow Bridge to meet up with her husband and her cat Taka.  They are all happy again.

Oh rats, gotta go, that darn Quimsby cat found me.  While Iím gone, why not take a look at my pictures. Take your time, I know Iím beautiful!

October 2000

Well, it's still just me and that Quimsby cat living here.  I hear rumblings of a new cat joining the family, but luckily it hasn't happened.  My female human put a harness on me this summer and took me outside.  That goofy Quimsby was just so happy to be outside, but I didn't like it one bit.  It was so scary that I just froze and my humans took me back inside.  Boy, I hope I don't have to do that again.  I got extra cuddles for being so afraid, so it worked in my favour in the long run.

Every few weeks I get put in my carrier and taken up to our cottage.  My humans really seem to like it, but I let them know what I think about these "road trips" by being miserable all the way there and all the way back.  I do have fun while I'm there tho', but don't tell them!

All in all, I'm enjoying myself here alot, although I still miss my "old lady".  The humans here have a new name for me and I think it fits perfectly.  They call me "La Princessa".  I wonder if it has anything to do with my "holier than thou" attitude I've adapted???????

Anyhow time to go see if there's any food left in my dish - if not I'll let them know about it.  Keeps them on their toes! Ciao!