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Tank: 120 Gallons. Dimensions: 60" x 20" x 19"deep.

Lighting / Photo period: Two 250 watt, 10,000  Kelvin metal-halide bulbs and two  actinic lamps. The lights are 16 inches above the water's surface. The daily photo period is 8 hours for the actinics and 8 hours for the halides.

Wave Making / Current:

1) Two powerheads,positioned on one side. This creates a turbulent water motion and helps move any detritus up into the water column where it can eventually be swept into the overflow box.

2) The main circulation pump splits into 2  after leaving the sump exiting at the back of the tank

3) 1 powerhead at the back opposite to above 2 moves surface water over the reef.

Total wave making/current capacity is rated at 1000 gallons per hour.

Additives: Calcium and dKH are maintained by replacing evaporated water with kalkwassereach night.Also twice a week I add reef builder by Seachem 5 ml each time. Kent Marine liquid calcium is added twice a week 5ml each time.

5ml-ESV potassium iodide 1% solution added once a week.

5ml-ESV strontium chloride 20% sloution added once a week

Water Chemistry:

Temperature is maintained at 79 degrees F.

pH: 8.3 to 8.5 Salinity: 1.035 specific gravity . Calcium: 400 mg/L. Alkalinity: 11 dkH. Nitrates/Phosphates: Below detectable limits.

Other: 20% water changes are performed every 8 weeks.