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Hi there.  Iím an Exotic Shorthair and actually am the cutest of the cats in this household (donít tell them I said that thoí).  I was born on February 28, 1997 with 4 brothers and sisters.  I found out when my humans adopted me that I already had an older brother at home.  For an older brother, Trissy sure didnít like me very much.  He hissed at me everywhere I went.   I just kept running to the female human thoí and she would pick me up and cuddle me.  It wasnít that bad when I was in her arms.

One day I decided that I had had enough of this Trissy "kritter" and started stalking him.  He had this delightful tail and it just never stopped wiggling, so I just had to attack.  After a while it was him that would be running away as I would stand my ground. The humans started calling me Rocky as I am a tough little nut and have learned to walk like a raccoon, rolling my shoulders from side to side.  I think Iím pretty impressive when I do it.

When I was little I would drop anywhere and sleep, but now Iím pretty fussy about my beds.  In fact, my humanís pillow is about the most comfy spot of all. I wait until heís just about asleep and then I pop up on the pillow and get comfortable. Then, I have my bath.  Most nights he sleeps through it, but a few times I have forgotten myself and washed his head too.  He doesnít like that too much and I usually end up on the floor. But hey, Iím just a clean kinda guy.

I also have a variety of jobs around the house.  One of them is making sure that all the wool in the house gets unraveled in a timely manner Ė usually just as the female human wants to use it.  It is so much fun chasing the end while she is raveling it up again.  She isnít always smiling though!  Another of my jobs is to make sure that the female cat who lives here doesnít get out of line.  I follow her everywhere and hiss at her often, just to keep her on her toes.  I donít like her much, but I guess she is here to stay.

Well, gotta go now as Sacha is trying to sneak by me and I want to know what sheís up to.  Hey, wait for meÖ.

October 2000

I thought I should check in and let you all know how I'm doing these days.  That Sacha cat and I are getting along a lot better than we were, but I still have to follow her around to keep her in line.  She can be pretty snarly, but I get even by guarding certain areas and not letting her pass.  Drives her nuts!

I also have a new place to sleep.  My female human usually sleeps on her side, so I just pop up and sleep on top of her.  It's wonderful because it let's me be cozy as well as lets me keep an eye on that Sacha cat.  It can be a bit annoying sometimes when she wants to roll over, but I'm pretty used to it now and just pop up again as soon as she's comfortable.  It's also landed me on the floor a few times too, but I'm sure she didn't mean it. ^..^

I see Sacha has already told you about our "road trips".  All in all, we have a pretty good time up there as there are lots of places to hide when it comes  time to leave.  No one likes it,  but of course, I'm rather proud of my hiding spots.  There are a few they haven't found yet, but I'm saving them for another time.

Well, enough about me for a while.  If you have time, why not sign our guest book and tell me how handsome I am?   Bye


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