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Hi there!  I'm the new addition to the family.  I was found wandering around a restaurant parking lot.  Everyone who came to the restaurant would stop and pet me and I'd try and jump in their car, but they always closed the door before I could get in.  Then these nice people came out of the restaurant and saw me and opened the door and let me in.  They sure were nice - they talked to me and petted me and I decided I liked them a lot.  I went for a short drive in their car and then they brought me into the house.

All of a sudden, everything changed - there were two more cats there.  They sure weren't very nice to me - all that hissing and yowling!.  I tried to be friendly but they kept growling at me.  All I wanted was some loving!  No such luck, at least not for a while.  Now, they tolerate me, but barely.  They really don't growl too much anymore, unless of course I'm someplace that I shouldn't be - but hey, I'm just a kitten about 3 months old, so what do I know about being good?

One of the first things my new owners did was feed me.  Boy, was I hungry, I ate a full can of food, and maybe could have eaten more, but I wasn't given any more.  My little belly was full and I curled up on my new owner and fell asleep while she was petting me.   Now they have to watch me carefully because after I eat my food, I eat my Brother's and Sister's food too.  I'm not winning too many Brownie points, but I'm still learning that the food is always going to be there, not like before I was found.

Come back and visit me often because I just know that my owners are going to start adding pictures of me as I grow up as I'm really a handsome "boy".


So you are the new cat eh! Well you better toe the line mister


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More pictures of me

Who the heck is this  baby?